Generally, a coil used within its operating range and at a steady pace, will last approximately two weeks. However, this is not a guarantee, coils can burn out much quicker than this. 

1. If you are vaping heavily on a high wattage, your coils may not last as long. 

2. If you use your coils above the maximum wattage specified on the coil, the cotton (or wicking material) in the coil will burn almost instantly. 

3. Once a coil is burnt, it is permanently damaged and will produce a nasty burnt taste. Burnt coils may also result in the tank leaking e-liquid from the air flow holes.

4. The quality of your e-liquid may also affect the life of your coil. For example, certain creamer flavours are known to be more taxing on your coils.

The important thing to remember is that the user is in control of how the coil is being used. If our focus is on ensuring that your coils last a longer time, it is then important to make sure that you are aware of the factors that will affect the life of your coil.

When Will I Know It Is Time To Change Coil?

It will be very obvious. You will notice, diminished flavour, less vapour, a burnt or unpleasant flavour and your tank may be leaking more than usual.