How to prolong the lifespan of coils?

For new coils: Please prime your coil before installation. The priming is to make sure the coil is fully saturated and avoid dry hits. 

And it is recommended to fill liquids in time.

An OXVA fan's sharing on extending the coil life:

1.Daily Wattage set at max. 25w  (I recommend at 20w)

2. regular suction duration: ≤ 2 s (this is the one that really affects the speed of the burning coil)

3. Ideally (though personally) apply cold fruity liquid freebase / salt-nic

4. Stock many coils as you can , mine is 0.3 coil.

5. BTW,  personal experience is that 1 coil last 10 to 14 days  with cold fruity liquid.